Advocacy in Albany and Locally
The New York State Legislature is comprised of the State's two houses, the State Senate and the State Assembly, both of which represent the residents of New York State. These legislators are YOUR voice in Albany.

To influence policy makers in our State, it is important to know what Senate and Assembly members represent you and your district so that you can contact those representatives. You can visit the following websites to find contact information for your local legislators:

Expanding your efforts in letting policymakers know how important WIC is to you and your community is the first step! ​​

How to Contact & Inform Your Elected Representatives in Washington, D.C.
The United States has two legislative houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. These elected officials represent each State in Washington, D.C. The State of New York has 2 US Senators and 29 US Representatives in Washington.

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The WIC Association is the voice of New York State's WIC community and represents their interests to Federal and State Legislators to ensure that WIC Program statutes, regulations and policies meet participants' needs.

New York State's two senators in the Congress currently are Charles (Chuck) Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. While both are important, Senator Gillibrand is on the Senate Agriculture committee which “authorizes” WIC and other agriculture programs so she is particularly crucial to the program. For more information you can visit their websites at:

As funding for the WIC Program is predominantly from the Federal government (with NYS addiing a small supplemental amount to fill in gaps), WIC Association members annually meet with New York's congressional representatives in D.C. to discuss funds needed to serve all eligible participants.      
Association members regularly communicate with leaders of the NYS legislature to address local concerns that affect their constituents and are under their jurisdiction. 
Association members also meet regularly with NY State Health Department representatives to resolve issues and other problems that may arise.  

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