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Celebrating a Milestone

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is a 350-bed teaching hospital located in the Wyckoff Heights section of Bushwick, Brooklyn, in New York City. Our WIC program began in December 1977 as part of the Cumberland Hospital-South Brooklyn Medical Center in Red Hook. In 1980, an additional site in Park Slope opened and in 1987 another site was opened in the Brooklyn Arms Hotel. We even had a temporary site to reach out to participants on Rockaway Blvd, at the Saratoga Family Shelter. In 1988, we affiliated with Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and began serving the community in Bushwick. In January 1995, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center became our sole sponsor.On June 5, 2018 we celebrated our 30th Anniversary serving the communities of Northern Brooklyn and Western Queens. In reality we serve participants from all the boroughs in NYC. The WIC staff worked as a team to have an enjoyable celebration. Most of the employees have been part of WHMC WIC for the majority of those 30 years and received recognition for their work and dedication. It was really a touching experience for each staff member. We were able to connect with politicians such as Assemblywoman Maritza Davila and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez and our sponsoring organization; Ramon Rodriguez-President & CEO, Gary Goffner-Chairman, and Deborah Konopko-VP External Affairs. We demonstrated all the great things we are doing in WIC such as increasing our fully breastfeeding rate in the past five years, the benefits of distributing our Farmers Market checks, including “FitWIC” groups to increase physical activity amongst our participants and sharing the success of  having our own community garden providing fresh herbs and vegetables for our participants.

 All of the staff focus on providing WIC services in a patient centered manner while at the same time making referrals to Women Health Services, Dental Care, and Pediatric Care which overall provides a positive financial impact on Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. We finalized the 30th Anniversary of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center WIC with a performance by our staff members singing and dancing “Through the Years”, by Kenny Rogers.  As we celebrated our achievements in these past 30 years, we also opened the door to the positive changes coming with NYWIC and e-WIC. As WIC transitions toward a more electronic based system, we hope to provide even better services to our participants.

 Nicole Castro WIC Dietitian Wyckoff WIC


A heartwarming story involving the Yeled V’Yalda WIC (#306) 

Nutrition and Breastfeeding Coordinator Svetlana Tenenbaum

     A qualified nutritionist was conducting a breastfeeding assessment during a postpartum certification appointment and determined that the fully breastfeeding participant was experiencing tremendous pain during nursing.
     She immediately referred the mom and her infant to the Yeled v’Yalda WIC Peer Counselors who determined that she had to consult with the Breastfeeding Coordinator, who conducted a full feeding assessment and determined that both the mom and the baby were infected with Candida and possibly other pathogens.
     The Breastfeeding Coordinator referred the participants to their Primary Care Physician and insisted that they had to be seen immediately. At the PCP’s office, the infant was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 infection and was immediately hospitalized to prevent potentially deadly meningitis infection. The mom was unable to breastfeed directly and Yeled v’Yalda WIC has provided her with a hospital grade pump.
     Following weeks of hospitalization and treatment the baby is healthy and fully nursing.

​Submitted by:  Yeled v’Yalda Early Childhood Center Inc.



Winners of our “Know Your Breastmilk Contest” which was held during our breastfeeding celebration on Monday August 6, 2018 here at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center WIC Program. The ladies are holding the prizes they won, which included safe sleep sacks for baby, breastfeeding shawls and insulated bags for breastmilk storage while away from home. As you can see our prize winners included both pregnant women and those who have already given birth and are breastfeeding. We deliberately mixed the two groups so that the prenatals would be encouraged by those who are breastfeeding. We had great attendance. Some of our highlights included a visit from our nearby Bushwick Farmers Market managers and a recently delivered peer counselor who recounted her many breastfeeding challenges and how she overcame them.