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     A qualified nutritionist was conducting a breastfeeding assessment during a postpartum certification appointment and determined that the fully breastfeeding participant was experiencing tremendous pain during nursing.
     She immediately referred the mom and her infant to the Yeled v’Yalda WIC Peer Counselors who determined that she had to consult with the Breastfeeding Coordinator, who conducted a full feeding assessment and determined that both the mom and the baby were infected with Candida and possibly other pathogens.
     The Breastfeeding Coordinator referred the participants to their Primary Care Physician and insisted that they had to be seen immediately. At the PCP’s office, the infant was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 infection and was immediately hospitalized to prevent potentially deadly meningitis infection. The mom was unable to breastfeed directly and Yeled v’Yalda WIC has provided her with a hospital grade pump.
     Following weeks of hospitalization and treatment the baby is healthy and fully nursing.

​Submitted by:  Yeled v’Yalda Early Childhood Center Inc.

A heartwarming story involving the Yeled V’Yalda WIC (#306) 

Nutrition and Breastfeeding Coordinator Svetlana Tenenbaum.  

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