From the Nutrition and Breastfeeding Committee: 

A reminder to all WIC staff:  PLEASE read the Announcements box located on the lower left side of your NYWIC clinic module home page.  This contains important information that you need to be aware of.  Second, if you have ANY operational issues with anything in NYWIC, PLEASE open a Remedy Force ticket with as much information as possible -- and include screen shots if you can. 

The more times that an issue is reported, the more likely it will make the list of things to be repaired in a future release. 


 From the Legislative/Public Policy Committee: 

 USDA Participant survey: 

WIC local agencies have begun receiving emails from USDA about a survey they are expected to complete.*  At the June meeting of the WIC Association’s Board of Directors, the State said that this survey is Mandatory.   However, the following USDA notice, copied below, clearly says “Participation in USDA research is voluntary.”       It is unclear if this is meant only for individual participants or also for agencies.

USDA conducts research about the WIC program to ask questions about program effectiveness and customer service.

USDA, or its contractor, may contact WIC participants as part of its research. 

Participation in USDA research is voluntary.

If you are contacted and would like to see if the study is a real USDA study, please contact, or visit:  

We checked the link to and this is what it says:
National Survey of WIC Participants III (NSWP III)

Anticipated Data Collection Year: 2019-2021
Contractor: Capital Consulting Corporation, 2M Research, & Abt Associates

This periodic study is the major source of information on a number of important program issues, including the program’s rate of certification error and the percent of WIC participants receiving other program benefits. There have been significant program changes since the last data collection, including changes in the food packages, an increased reliance on EBT, and availability of the option for 12-month child certification. This project will update the study design, data collection instruments, and report elements based on stakeholder input, field the data collection, and analyze the data to meet the broadest range of WIC information needs.
*if you have not received the survey, check your “junk mail” file, which is where some agencies have discovered it. 

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