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 *Another perk of being a member of the WIC Association of NYS

Dear WIC Association Members,

   We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for Association Members to be able to share current and upcoming events, agency changes (promotions, awards, retirements, etc.) participant success stories or just good news to name a few.

   If you are interested in sharing your stories and/or information we would love to post it on our website ( Please fill out the attached summary sheet along with any photos (saved as a jpeg) you would like to see posted and send to me at the contact information listed below.  Make sure to let us know who submitted the article and or photos for recognition.

  Feel free to contact me with any questions!
Tammy Lana, Administrative Assistant
NYS WIC Association
284 Ellsworth Road, Palmyra, NY 14522
518-410-0621 (cell)

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Are you a Local Agency director, staff member or a WIC participant? Are you a member of a health profession who is dedicated to Women, Infants and Children’s health issues? Are you a member of the community who is interested in helping out in the World of WIC? The WIC Association of NYS Board of Directors is always looking for people interested in getting involved!
Contact us by email or Call or visit your local WIC agency for more information.

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